Computer Lab Teacher's Survival Guide, K-6 Units for the Whole Year

Computer Lab Teacher's Survival Guide

This book is an essential toolkit for computer lab teachers who develop and maintain a self-contained classroom with an independent elementary school curriculum. Author Holly Poteete, an experienced computer lab teacher, offers a year-long curriculum and a project-based approach. The book’s 10 units each include multiple lessons keyed to standards, as well as objectives, guided practice, extensions, remediation, and suggestions for students with special needs. An accompanying CD-ROM includes PowerPoint presentations, quizzes, tests, worksheets, Web resources, and more.


  • Classroom applications for multimedia presentation software, Internet research, word processing, and telecommunications projects
  • Ideas for managing and organizing the computer lab
  • Key information about ergonomics for children
  • Support for special needs teaching and learning

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Product Code: comlab

208 pages
ISTE, 2003
ISBN 978-1-56484-178-0

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